Carrie runs the business and has been a midwife for 10 years. She loves taking part in the classes to ensure they are tried and tested by at least one of us. When not taking part in the classes Carrie enjoys running with her sister who is also a guinea pig for the classes. Outside of work Carrie loves spending time with the kids often playing taxi driver between the multitude of activities they do and making sure they are constantly active. Very close to family and friends Carrie loves the demand of setting up this new business and pushing harder and harder to develop Military Fitness Circuits into what it will become. Gavin brings his 10 years experience from the Royal Navy to the business, he has designed the circuit allowing all levels of fitness to attend, Gavin has worked with all levels of fitness from new recruits through to Bomb disposal units, Navy/Army Clearance divers and members of the SBS Gavin also ran the physical aspects of the Royal Navy School of Leadership during his service. On leaving the forces Gavin became the first team manager of Nottingham RFC in the championship working with many international/premiership and championship players. Now working alongside Carrie he is determined to help Rugby get fitter and achieve the great results he knows he can. Outside of work Gavin joins Carrie in spending as much time as possible with the kids and day to day running of the house.

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