Juice Redemption

Juice Redemption

So given that I tried to poison myself and Fiona on Monday night I had to redeem myself & come up with juice Genius 

Still on a quest for A sleep ‘Injuiced’ coma I used strawberries as my first ingredient why? Well apart from being lush! 

Strawberries make many healthy food lists because of their antioxidants and vitamins, and also because they taste great so it’s easier to start eating more of them. It’s the Vitamin C in strawberries that helps you out in the sleep department, and they have plenty. Oranges are known for their Vitamin C content as well, but are not as well tolerated as strawberries due to their acidity which can cause heartburn or acid reflux when consumed too close to bedtime for some. You may want to try a strawberry smoothie as a nighttime snack that will help you fall asleep without upsetting your waistline.

Some research has shown that they also help wrinkle prevention…but don’t go mad on them as they are high in fruit sugars and wrinkles may be prevented by an ever growing body pushing the wrinkles out!! 

So anyway clearly they have more than the nutritional qualities that will add to a good nights sleep did they work, more on that on a bit…

The red peppers give similar benefits as the strawberries according to research are very juicy and made a fair bit of liquid & cauliflower has amounts of Thryptophan in it(the same as in your turkey dinner that makes you nod off like grandpa after Sunday lunch but to what degree is debatable) whilst the cauliflowerlooks fairly fleshy the flower heads as with broccoli are pretty absent of liquid!

So how did it taste? Did I have to call the council again to remove toxic waste…

It was fresh light,with a real red pepper and strawberry zing,but the cauliflower gave it a hint of well raw cauliflower taste nothing over powering but it was there,

8-10 strawberries, 1/3 cauliflower no leaves, & a big red pepper will give you all the nutritional benefits listed and more plus 100 calories,the juice above is only half so 50 calories for me and 50

For Fiona given it was nice and not a juice disaster!….

So did it have sleep qualities? Well on this occasion I woke once in the night and fiona did not wake once!…so this experiment seemed to have some benefits and I had redeemed myself and the juice journey moves on…When I try a another I will add a few more strawberries and red pepper and slightly less califlower or cut off the flower heads for normal consumption and juice just the stalks…or maybe another combo as there’s so much choice…so #letsgetjucing and enjoy the massive health&fitness benefits…Tarah for now 

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