The Suffering

“The Suffering”…

I imagine to most people the word “suffering” would send them running for the hills. However, it is really not as terrifying as it sounds… It is a tough race, whatever distance you choose – be it The Suffering 5 (5k), The Suffering 10 (10k) or The Pain and Suffering (10 miles of obstacle running fun). The 5k is a good introduction to OCR, but with enough challenge to set it slightly apart from other “beginner friendly” races (think Wolf Run, Pandemonium etc.).

The challenge comes in different forms. Firstly, there’s the variety of obstacles, which is a refreshing change for a shorter distance OCR. Secondly, there’s the Reapers – no don’t hide- these are the lovely folk who marshal the course, but throw in some extra fun to help you enjoy your day and make each race a little bit different. The 5k, like all distances, has an element of fun, camaraderie and a buzzing atmosphere around the course and in the event village. An added bonus is the goodie bag at the end – among some of the finest on offer in the OCR community – a great tech t-shirt, a fab medal and all sorts of nutritional and healthy extras to make it all worthwhile. The 10k, as you would expect, is a little tougher. The Reapers get a little harder on you, the obstacles are more plentiful and a bit higher, deeper and stickier… and there are a couple of hills in the mix. Yes, they are real hills… hands on knees jobs with Reapers to make them feel a little bit steeper… but trust me, everyone is really supportive: if I cast my mind back to The Suffering last June, where 25 MFC members took part, we all kept an eye out for each other, encouraged and helped through the course (especially on those hills!). Running as a team is a special feeling, but also trust the fact that this sums up the OCR community as a whole and the ethos of the Suffering team.

For those that are looking to step up and to really test themselves, the Pain and Suffering 10 mile race will definitely tick all the relevant boxes. This course has been designed to take on all the elite races, such as Spartan Beast, Tough Mudder, Nuts etc etc, and without fail it hits the spot. If you fancy tackling a course full of obstacles, with even more variety (some of which you will wonder how they were dreamt up in the first place) and challenges, then this is for you. Don’t worry, though, it isn’t all torture and thick mud… there is an element of fun and everyone is supporting you every step of the way.

This year, even the race directors were around the course offering support, encouragement and wise-cracks to help people through the “suffering”. Everybody that has done any of the Suffering races through MFC have enjoyed the experience from beginning to end. From the 5k more gentle version of the chaos, through to the elite, hardcore Legends (those that do all 3 races back-to-back in a single weekend) the entire Suffering experience is one that gels with the training and ethos of the MFC family. So, what you’ve got to ask yourself is: With a 20% discount available to MFC members, an incredible atmosphere with loads of MFC members already signed up, and the potential that you will feel frustrated, sad and left out if you see those amazing pictures of everyone crossing the line with huge smiles on their faces…why haven’t I signed up already?!

As an added bonus this year; there is camping on site, a huge party with DJs, live bands and barbecue! So, what better way to spend a summer weekend than with your wonderful MFC family enjoying your fitness gains and goals; celebrating everyone’s achievements at an awesome set of races?

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