Time Saving

Time Saving

Like most people 1st thing in the morning I run around like a headless chicken and don’t have time to be making juices,but I do as it’s worth it,But there’s a little time saver that will help!, at this point I must add whilst I’m not against the making of juices the night before but the nutrientional benefits will be less and taste will not be a fresh & be less appealing to the eye 

1 fresh beetroot,thumb of ginger,1 green and 1 red Apple & a lemon, all chopped the night before and placed in the fridge for the next morning, the nutrional value lost will be neglible 

The finished product had a real nice flavour & obviously the beetroot took priority in the colouring but balanced out the ginger and lemon well and the apples have it sweetness,about 40 calories in this juice shot 21% of my daily vitamin c, but all of the produce made 4 x this amount so roughly 84% of your daily vitamin c and a healthy contribution of potassium..,it gave me a real morning boost and a good energy boost 


The lest over pulp was kept and was experimented with in a cake! Which I will share with you another day 

Try this juice see what you think 


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