Warning! Don't try this at home Kids!!!

Warning! Don’t try this at home Kids!!!

Well I’ve had my 1st juicing disaster!…but like I said you can learn from my mistakes & laugh at the same time, In theory this juice had all the right ingredients to make a good nutritious juice shot,it contained,A broccoli stalk(no flowerheads) 3 big handfuls of kale,a thumb of ginger,1/2 a lime,1/2 an Avocado and 2 raw garlic cloves…below is how it looked, it looked good,smelt good,so me and Fiona said chin chin cheers & down the hatch it went

Well within 3 seconds I ran to the bathroom with my head in a bucket wanting to be sick! & I have a strong stomach, Fiona ran the other way feeling the same!!…wow this had a real kick in the chest, but steer well away from this combo it wasn’t even the taste, it was obvious too strong it hit my digestive tract and my body wanted to reject it it should have carried a health warning maybe watering it down would have been wise,but I’m laughing now writing this…when experimenting it doesn’t always go smoothly so hopefully tomorrow will be a more successful I don’t fancy that again…how ever I was thinking at the time being sick could have been a good detox! (Only joking) but here’s to a more successful juicing experiment tomorrow  

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