Will an Apple a day really keep the doctor away?

Will an Apple a day really keep the doctor away?


Wives tale or fact??….well I doubt 1 Apple will, especially if your a 20 a day cigarettes puffer or 10 pint a night pub goer or Greggs best fan of its sausage rolls! 

But 2 a day as part of a Healthy diet yes it just might assist with reducing your visits to the Docs…so it’s no surprise that the simple Apple makes my superfood number 2! 

And combined with ginger is many a people’s basis to a good juice,carrots add a great & popular combination, This morning I’ve myself had Apple,ginger & Avocado which was awesome…

Apples are relatively cheap being a home grown product,last a good while,don’t worry if the skins not perfect it won’t matter in your juicer….Also apples will add a little sweetness to your juices that might need perking up such as mainly greens juices, so get using them they should be a basis to your juice stock cupboard….


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